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How to Use Feebz VR

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How to use VR headsets for smartphones - with BT remote
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Get a 2nd FEEBZ VR Headset for FREE!

That's right! As part of our launch strategy, we are giving away 100 free VR headsets to existing customers!

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Any issues with your Feebz VR?

Not a problem!

Contact us with your Amazon order ID and we will make sure to solve it! :)

Google Cardboard

For an optimized VR experience, please download the "Google Cardboard" app, runit, and scan this Feebz QR code through the app. The app adapts the VR content to your headset. 

Recommended VR apps and games

Are you looking for the best VR apps? This guide rounds up top options for experiencing virtual reality on your awesome FEEBZ VR HEADSET!

Whispering Eons #0

Enjoy fun and challenging puzzles combined with gorgeous, immersive space visuals. 

Install: Android

R - Whispering Eons.jpg

Virtual Reality 360° 

Browse tens of categories of VR videos. Explore cities as if you were visiting, take a moment to have a walk in nature, or experience past events like you were there.

Install: iOS